My Book Review: Paul Apostle of Christ by Angela Hunt

My Review and Thoughts:

This is a wonderful experience to read. To have a fictional telling mixed with Biblical understanding to create a thoughtful and inspiring and heart wrenching telling of one of the greatest men of the bible. The Apostle Paul’s final days at life. It’s a moving and touching experience and yet mixed with sadness and heartbreak at the conditions and vivid storytelling of the treatment of God’s children. This book does not let up on the suffering and horrors that early Christians went through with Nero’s horrible reign of terror against Christ followers.

What makes the book so well written is the overall storyline of Saint Luke in the pits next to Paul while dictating Bible books. Paul has been captured and found guilty and sentenced to death by Nero. His final few days are spent giving scripture, and tales of his Christian journeys, as Luke in the darkness of the dungeon writes out Paul's experiences. Luke takes it upon himself to write for Paul for future generations.

You are introduced to wonderful depictions of Christian characters of the Bible such as Priscilla and Aquila. Really loved how the author Angela Hunt created a moving experience of Bible doctrine into a storybook telling. This is adapted from the screen play by Andrew Hyatt. The book flows with a wonderful ease that the reader becomes one with the story.

The darkness and torment of Paul’s final days lingers deep inside your mind. The horrors of Christians being put to death, create a nightmarish reality as you read. The overall book is something that creates a deeper knowledge of early Christians and their fights and journeys to spread the glorious word of God Christ Jesus.

One of my favorite parts of the book was the tender care Luke showed to the ailing Paul.

There was a true tenderness and compassion among Christian brothers. I also really loved the telling of Paul's upbringing and his life as he went about persecuting the Christians. One of those stories is of the first Martyr, Stephen which is wonderfully depicted in the book, from his early finding of being a Christian and the horrible murder of his peaceful spiritual soul.

If you know me then you know I am a huge History buff (A huge Christian History buff), so mixing true history around a wonderful fiction story is a true treat in my book. This is a brilliant example of how to bring truth out through a fictional story. Equal parts spiritual wonderment, and equal parts informative reality.

I have become a huge fan of Angela Hunt’s books that she has wonderfully adapted from Christian movie Screen plays. She has created wonderful books from the screenplays of Risen, The Nativity Story, and this one I am reviewing, Paul, The Apostle of Christ. She is a passionate, strong storyteller that remains within your mind and heart long after the last page. Hunt is truly a gifted writer and a one of kind master of weaving words into a thought provoking read, that entertains and pleases.

Paul The Apostle of Christ is a splendid one of kind read. A truly magical, touching and heart wrenching book. I love when I learn while reading. Not only is this a wonderful fictional read, it also is a wonderful true history read. It explores both.

I have to say the book was very emotional for me. Angela Hunt's writing knows how to grab a hold of the tear's within. The last 5 pages was a heart wrenching experience. I will not lie I shed many tears at the fate of Paul. It was so well written that it played with your emotions and grabbed a hold of your heart and induced me to many tears.

Would I Return To it Again? Absolutely. This is a book that demands attention and demands a following of Christian knowledge.

Would I Recommend? In a heartbeat. One of the easiest recommendations.

Four Final Words: Historical. Inspiring. Thoughtful. Deep.

My Rating: 5 out of 5