My Book Review: The Bedding of Boys by Edward Lorn.

The Bedding of Boys

Author: Edward Lorn

Book Description: Regina Corsi is a monster, the vilest of predators. Her desire for young boys is only matched by the bloodlust that overcomes her once the sex is finished. But she’s grown hasty in her hunting. And only a special friend can keep her disturbing appetites a secret. Nevada Barnes is fourteen, and, emotionally speaking, still very much a child. When his stable home life is thrown into turmoil by an unexpected visitor, he escapes into the arms of an older woman, where he will find his own desire growing stronger each and every day. In the small town of Bay’s End, Regina and Nevada dive head first into a relationship doomed for disaster, a sex-fueled madness neither will be able to satiate. But Regina’s special friend is impatient and will not be distracted by their love affair. It will feed, whether Regina wills it to or not. For the bedding of boys has consequences that reach far beyond the legal ramifications of her actions.

My Review and Thoughts:

First off if you don’t know Edwards writings, then this might not be the first book you should start with. With that said, Edwards writing is an acquired taste. He is very deep, dark, gritty, brutal, disturbing, everything wrapped up in one. He creates his characters to be hated, to be loathed and because of that reality, you the reader become very emotional and vocal while reading his stories. 

While reading a book by him, you become drained. You become as if you just ran a 100 mile marathon. The Bedding of Boys is no different. This book will leave you with haunting images of depravity, disturbing realities, and a downright sickness in your veins. You can’t help but want to take a bath after reading this book, but that is the total brilliance of this book. He steps over the boundaries. That is Edwards writings. He tends to step over that line that you’re not supposed to, yet he sometimes just edges off of it, but with this one he kind of jumped over it, and left it way back there hidden in the dark.

This is a book not for everyone. This is a dark morbid, depressing, disgusting. It’s a book that really does get under your skin. When I read a book I want a book to thoroughly smack the Crap out of me. I want to be drained. I want to feel the emotions. I want to be taken to the edge. I want to be satisfied. I want to be thrilled. I want to be showcased in many imaginative ways, and that is what this book does.

This is a book about a subject that gets on anybody’s nerves, pedophilia. What makes this different is, it’s not the dirty old man in the trailer park sitting around in his tighty Whities smearing peanut butter on his chest looking at young school boys and girls. This has a woman actually doing the lusting of young boys. She’s a killer of children, a lover of children. I can’t give to much more away from the book, other than it will leave you with nightmares and also images that you just can’t get out of your head.

I almost feel really disturbed that I want to give this book such a high rating, because it is a brutal, honest story, that really leaves nothing to the imagination. It absolutely floors you with its descriptive behavior, but like I say, that’s also what makes this a brilliant book and Edward as a brilliant writer, because he knows how to step over the boundaries. He knows how to make the reader become involved in a book; until that book totally drains that reader. The Bedding of Boys is that book. I highly recommend this book to horror lovers, too dark fiction lovers, to those that want to be smacked around with disturbing images and left totally drained from head to toe after wards.

But that’s a huge massive Jennifer Lopez but, I warn you ahead of time, you will be disturbed. You possibly will be sickened by the images that is left in your brain, but if you want to read a book that thoroughly and totally creates an emotional reality inside you, then this is the book for you.

Would I Return to it Again: No, once was vividly enough but I will always return to reading Edward's works.

Would I Recommend: To dark Horror readers. Those that love a story that pushes the limits. Look no further than this brutal kick in the nutters.

Four Final Words: Nauseating, stomach-churning, Brilliant, Imaginative.

My Rating: 4 out of 5