My Book Review: Lullabies for Suffering : Tales of Addiction of Horror

ImageLullabies for Suffering : Tales of Addiction Horror

Pages: 250

My Review and Thoughts:

What a trip!

When I got word that I was going to get an advance copy of this I was super excited. Mainly because I am a diehard fan of Kealan Patrick Burke. I love his style and his imagination and over all complex storytelling that transcends off the page and digs deep into your mind. With that said this book is jam packed with brilliant writers that people truly should cherish. The equally amazing Caroline Kepnes. The brilliant descriptive Mark Matthews. The imaginative guru John FD Taff. And I was introduced, to, two writers I had not read before Gabino Iglesias and Mercedes M Yardley, which both, now have become two new favorites of awesome wordplay in my imagination filled mind.

This book has an array of amazing, graphic, descriptive storytelling that only these writers can possess. This book gives you many ordeals inside the world of a darkness that most all people can understand, or relate to in one way or another. Addiction can affect us all. Maybe you have gone through it, or someone you love has experienced it. That is why the horror’s and darkness of addiction is personal to all of us in some form. What this book gets right is the disturbing and visceral approach to the subject matter.

Each of the authors created a wonderful exploration of words, imagery, and a vibrant clarity. They created pieces of work that explores a time of darkened life. They place you in a period of the exploration of the body, mind and most of all, feelings. An exploring of two forms of existence, life, and life screwed up. Together these forms of addiction horror, complete a form clouded with an underlining monstrosity of reality.

There are certain pieces that I will remember and continue to reread again? Each story creates a moment that is forever lasting. These stories are an understanding of life in some form. I feel the book is a complete process of pure imaginative entertainment that feels totally real in written form.

You get six stories. 

Six unforgettable realities of darkness. 

A dread of horror stylized on page. 

A horror of dread that easily leaks from the page into the imagination of the mind. 

Lullabies of Suffering is a book that remains deep, dark, inside your thinking process, long after finishing the last page.

Would I Recommend: Absolutely. This is a book that I will remember and one that I think deserves to be praised and recommended.

Would I Read Again: Absolutely. I have already read several of the works a second time.

Four Final Words: Visceral, Addictive Wordplay, Horrific.

My Rating: 4 out of 5                     

This book comes out on Jan. 15th 2020. Makes sure you get the book in print form or in E-book form.