Book Review: The Hanover Block and Brides of Hanover Block by Gregor Xane

The Hanover Block and Brides of Hanover Block

Author: Gregor Xane

My Review and Thoughts:

Every time I look at the cover of Brides of Hanover Block it reminds me of a shaved pink Penis. Just saying.

Behold the double feature review of two out their horror novels that leave a lasting, descriptive and insane reality within the readers mind. A mix of horror and truly original imagination gone oh so well and yet oh so screwed up. I was floored with the story and its complex intensity. The characters and situations display on the page in amazing wordplay that leaves you with a descriptive undertaking that had to be read to truly grasp the originality and ultimate horror funk that these two books bleed.

The Hanover Block and Brides of Hanover Block are pure weird. Have you ever gotten lost in a dream state? Have you ever found yourself in a moment that feels unreal? That’s the best way to explain this over the top, creative and downright bizarre beauty that these two books create. Totally original. Totally out there. A mix of complex B-grade sci-fi and creature feature fantasy, with a mix of life that transpires inside a nightmare unexplained my human words.

These books are weird, twisted and interesting experience that’s hard to explain unless you have read it, and to thoroughly go into the detail of these books would ruin it for other readers. I go by the code No Spoilers and so I want to preserve these books for all it’s weird, out their realities. Each of these books are truly written for the reader. Know this, if you want new, fresh, original content that is weird, bizarre and a little mind altering, then look no further. These two books are gems of weird glory. Who needs an acid, when you have Gregor Xane to give a total mind trip over the rainbow?

In The Hanover Block you are introduced to the character Marion. He seems lost. He basically is going through the motions of life, not really living and yet not dead, he is just existing. Now the next reality is odd things start to happen. Sheds, Domes and even outhouses start to pop up in weird spots all over the area he calls home. And so, begins something you must experience. If there are two books, I would thoroughly praise for there odd duck realities and darker monstrosities, then look no where else than The Hanover Block and Brides of Hanover.

I think what makes these books stand out is the inventive imagination of Gregor Xane.
When I go into books I want to be taken away or amazed or taken on an emotional reality.

Xane rape’s you with one explorative image after image of imagination and brutally alters your thought patterns.

Xane is a beast of a writer.

Xane is truly someone to read, talk about and experience. The Hanover Block and Brides of Hanover are both books that became instant favorites of mine. I love weird, odd and complex altered understandings, and both books bleed into the very core of your mind.

Would I Recommend: For diehard sci-fi writers. Diverse complex storylines. Those who love truly original, imaginative experiences then these books are for you.

Would I Return to: Absolutely? I am an instant fan of Gregor Xane.

Four Final Words: Incredibly Complex. Bizarro brutality.

My Ratings:
The Hanover Block: 3.5 out of 5
Brides of Hanover: 4 out of 5