My Book Review: The Anaheim Beauties Valencia Queen (A Red Car Noir Series) by D.J. Phinney

The Anaheim Beauties Valencia Queen (A Red Car Noir Series)

Author: D. J. Phinney

My Review and Thoughts:

A wonderfully written Noir drama. An intense complex story that messes with your mind, heart, soul and personal understandings of history. In all honesty this is a multilayered story of history and intense drama.

This has an intensity yet mixed with a heartfelt persona that lingers page to page. A story written to unfold page after page. You the reader want to know what happens next in this dramatic historical tale.

A solid book with utterly amazing characters. Dramatic, touching, and an ultimate wonderment of perfection in written form. This book greatly deserves to be praised. You sense the history. You become apart of the history. You touch the ordeal on the page as it floods your mind.

You are transported to a time in history, right after WW1. You are there in California. The sun, the beautiful people, but also the darkness of the Ku Klux Klan. The time is 1924 and the Ku Klux Klan has taken over the Anaheim California’s City Council. Also, in a tragic reality they have placed themselves inside the police department. Your two main characters Helen and Dean give you a story that unfolds in wonderful graphic intense detail. A spiraling drama of action laced history.

D.J. Phinney is a master at words and capturing those words in a brilliant story of suspense and deception. A great read with thick plotted actions and edge of your seat moments with pure tension to cause everything in the emotion department for the reader reading the book. 

This is a believable reality-based plot.

The introduction to the characters and the buildup of personas is a well thought out process. Flawless through actions by tight written form. The characters are relatable and true. There are natural twists and turns. Surprises that work and are plausible. I think what really stands out is the pure historical reality and the vivid description of that time in history. D.J. Phinney places you there, gives you that old historical sense in the mind. Gives you the personal heart of a time long ago, bleeding off the pages as you turn to further the story. A trip in history and a trip into the lives of complex characters that you become intertwined with in total personal realities.

A perfected read.

Would I Recommend: Absolutely. For historical buffs. For drama buffs and most of all that classical sense of Noir reality. A wonderful book to praise and recommended reading.

Would I Return To: Absolutely? I think this is a book that can be reread in the future and still give the same great storytelling reality that he has when you first read it.

Four Final Words: Passionate, Historical, Dramatic, Intense.

My Rating: 4 out of 5