My Book Review: The Patience of a Dead Man and Dead Woman Scorned by Michael Clark

The Patience of a Dead Man
Dead Woman Scorned

Author: Michael Clark

My Review and Thoughts:

Two fantastic, intensely dramatic and flawless written "spooky" stories. Tight words, believable actions. Michael Clark has done a lovely job creating two stand out modern classic scary stories. This is a wonderful complex, flawless plot lines, to weave a complete experience.

I think what really stands out, not just the story, but the amazing way the words come to life and create a reality inside your mind that places you deep into the beating heart of the subject at hand. There’s an ultimate powerhouse behind the direction of the plot.

If you call yourself a book lover, or a book worm you might want to grab and consume these two books. These two books have become personal favorites, if you have not read these books do so. They are something to talk about.

It plays out like a true crime psychological thriller. The actions, moments of intense spooky reality plays with you throughout the reading.

Michael Clark is a phenomenal writer that can capture a story, twist its intense horrors and make it feel like a true story of nightmares, a biography of darkness unfolding with an excellence that few writers could do.

He builds the characters, the actions and most of all the brutal mind-altering hauntings all around the pages being read.

In Book 1 Tim Russell used all his money buying a dilapidated farmhouse in New Hampshire. This was going to be a handy man job. It’s simple, he needed an escape from his life, decided to buy and live in the place while fixing it up. But as you would guess not all things work out as planned. As you can guess, what a run-down place, might have most of. A haunting run wild. Tim finds himself smack dab in a whirl wind of darkness and despair as he faces all the horrors. Tim must find out what has happened. Tim must solve the mystery of the nightmares surrounding him around every corner.

Book 2 expands the reality of the nightmarish hauntings. The exploration of one women’s life and most of all after life. A haunting brutality weaved into a complex story that takes you into a journey of pure nightmares and haunting natures. The book takes place right after the first book. Both books blend to create a two pack of awesomeness. Both are worthy to praise, both are worthy to read, both are worthy to spread the word that these two books should have a home on any bookshelf.

Michael Clark is a master writer of deep, dark plots, that linger inside your mind, heart and soul.

I am always a sucker for a good ghost story. I am a lover of mysteries and these two books add both ghost story and mystery together. It also adds a great dramatic appeal to it's plot. Michael Clark knows how to capture the reader.

These two books are a prime example of how to treat a reader. Great solid storylines. A perfect weaved tale of imagination and reality tied into one. Both these books are easily praised. I highly recommend you seek out his books, and give them a read, you won’t be disappointed in my viewpoint.

Would I Recommend: Highly Recommended reading. Great ghost stories. A haunting mix of brilliant wordplay.

Would I Return to: Absolutely? I love the way Michael Clark writes. Can’t wait to see his next adventure.

Four Final Words: Hauntingly brilliant. Nightmarish. Twisted.

My Rating:

The Patience of a Dead Man: 4 out of 5
Dead Woman Scorned: 4 out of 5