My Book Review: B.R. Flores' Trekachaw


Author: B.R. Flores

My Review and Thoughts:

A pure Science Fiction thriller that grabs a hold of your imagination and sends you into a whirlwind of perfection in written form. I love when a book takes a hold of you and gives a stark, deep and glorious undertaking of storytelling.

If you’re a sci-fi fan, then look no further than this novel. It has all the trademarks and all the twists and turns of science fiction glory. But it has also so much more.

Your main character is Cole. Cole’s life changes forever as he becomes one with an alien species. He along with the alien becomes a new creation known as Trekachaw. Now these two as one creation must take on and uncover the deceit and treacherous reality by leaders out to cause war and destroy a whole species.

B.R. Flores has an imaginative mind. Flores creates a wonderful reality of actions and passionate exploration of fiction. A fantasy tale of action that is packed full of character and brilliant wordplay. This is a true adventure that never really let’s go of your mind and your adrenaline rises to the surface as the book unfolds.

What I like about this book is the suspense, passion, action, all the emotional realities transcend off the pages into the readers mind. The powerhouse of this novel is that Flores created a world, a culture, language, a new reality inside this complex story. Flores gave you a new created reality. A reality different, unique and most of all personal, as you the reader follow Cole and everything that transpires in vivid imaginative, complex detail.

The author knows how to grab you. The author gives you new, fresh, unique fiction. Flores gives you a new creation of reality that only they could master. I highly recommend this compelling sci-fi. If you know me, I am not a huge science fiction fan, but with this book it totally changed my idea of science fiction, in that science fiction can be unique, can be fresh, can be as if something is brand new.

The drama is what truly grabs you. The science fiction aspect of the story mixed with the deep written characters make you turn chapter after chapter so that the storyline completes itself in all it’s perfected reality. What I truly like is that the author mixes an everchanging emotional rollercoaster. A mixture of as I have stated, action, suspense, drama, but then small doses of humor. The book is a tour-de-force of emotional spirals.

What makes this book stand out is, as I have stated I am not a huge science fiction fan. The brilliance of this book, or the way the author writes, is you don’t have to like or be a sci-fi fan, because this book is a standby itself complex emotional drama with all the undercurrents that a science fiction fan would love.

Would I Recommend: Absolutely. To sci-fi fans and to fans of well written storylines.

Would I Return to: Absolutely? This is a great book. I am an instant fan of B.R, Flores.

Four Final Words: Thrilling brilliance, Passionate Wordplay.

My Rating: 4 out of 5