My Book Review: Those Who Go Forth Into the Empty Place of Gods by Curtis M. Lawson and Doug Rinaldi

Those Who Go Forth into the Empty Place of Gods

Author: Curtis M. Lawson and Doug Rinaldi

My Review and Thoughts:

Wowzers what a trip. Truly original and imaginative all wrapped up into one awesome read.

Now the plot is out there and so dead on perfect that you can’t help but be thoroughly entertained by it. Your main character is Brewster Gilligan. Now Gilligan was on a game show quiz and he answered with what he thought was the right answer, because the phrase he used was from a little bit of trivia that his dead grandfather had given him, but he answered wrong and for Brewster, it’s like the end of the world. Now it seems simple, but what happens next is so far weird and awesomely strange that it grabs you and sends you on a wild reality. What happens, that’s right you guessed it, the phrase has unleashed immortals who now have one goal, and that is to hunt down Brewster Gilligan.

This story is weaved with a perfected clarity that all good stories have. It sticks with you and most of all you become somewhat giddy at how over the top brilliant it is. I love the way your main character is created and displayed. I love the plot; its totally different. I love the complex intensity of it.

Both authors created memorable moments that have lingered with me. I read this in one setting and found myself returning to several spots that I highlighted to read again. There are so many moments that stand out that one could write several pages on it’s total originality and over the top beauty that it is.

If you haven’t read Lawson then you are losing a true reality of writing and imagination. I have honestly not read anything by Rinaldi until now. But Both are equally brilliant in weaving a perfection in written form. I have read Curtis Lawsons work but not Rinaldi, but that it easily going to change. I am glad to be introduced to his style and both authors created a brilliant story plotted with unique concepts.

Not really part of the review of the story but I have to mention the awesome artwork cover. It’s so different yet stands out and grabs you with all it’s weird reality. You pause, amazed and dumbfounded at it. It makes you think. It creates questions and it makes you question just what it is. Matthew Revert did an awesome job on the cover. It makes the reading all the more enjoyable, dark and strange.

This is a perfect short horror creation of a spiraling plot that weaves it’s core deep into your mind and never lets go. A brilliant unique horror that leaves all it’s wonderment bleeding off the pages.

Wild, weird, bizarre perfection. A ride like no other. A powerful little deep and dark story of imagination and intense horror.

I also have to mention you do get an awesome introduction by Jared Collins another fantastic part of the book. I think everything about this 92 page novella is something to praise, remember and buy to display on your bookshelf.     

This is one of those stories you can't help but talk about with someone. I wanted someone around that had read it, so I could converse. I wanted to take notes and say do you believe that, did you read that, what did you think, all those talkative realities wanted to burst out from this short little majestic gem.

Would I Return to: I already have, rereading over several spots. This is so unique that you can't help but return to it. 

Would I Recommend: Absolutely. If you haven't read these two authors, seek them out and spread the glory of true imaginative storytelling. Those Who Go Forth into the Empty Place of Gods is in my viewpoint a must read.

Final Four Words: Unique, Weird, Brilliantly executed.

My Rating: 5 out of 5