My Bookreview: Darkwater Cove by Dan Padavona

Darkwater Cove

Author: Dan Padavona

My Review and Thoughts:

I am a huge fan of serial killer stories. So, this plot was a plus to me going into it. I knew that the book had a strong storyline that I knew I would at least take to. Real monsters are scary. I feel when books capture a real lifestyle killer it makes the book all the scarier and more horrible and that is what this book has. It’s a perfect tale of a serial killer, complex and dramatic with intense scenes that depict true life monstrosities.

The characters and scenarios displayed through the book, lingers deep in the pores of emotional torment. This is an exciting, page turning gem of written word. The characters are so well drawn out and the actions displayed perfect themselves inside your imagination. The book truly is a page turner.

Darcy is a retired FBI agent. She captured one of her worst criminals, a serial killer. She hopes to live a peaceful life with her family. Until as you would guess it, a body pops up. Not just any murder, but the murder of this person has all the details of the serial killer already in jail. Is this a copycat, or is this a cat and mouse game of horrors?

Something Padavona does is twist and turns your mind. He builds the emotions. He creates the tension. He masters the dread. He takes jigsaw pieces of the story, placing them one little connected piece at a time, until it explodes in perfect clarity.

I loved Darkwater Cove. I loved everything about it. I loved the characters, dread, fear, emotions, tension and most of all a clear viewpoint of entertainment mastered. Darkwater Cove is described as a gripping Serial Killer book and that is what this book is. But this book has so much more to it than just a serial killer book. It’s meaty in plot, thick layered actions, juicy tidbits to move you along, and perfectly tender and rough in spots that build up to the final moments.  

Darkwater Cove is one of those books to read and talk about and spread to others. A great plotted book. Written with perfect ease. It flows in actions and drama. All the horrors are displayed in perfect clarity.

Would I Return to this Book: Absolutely? This is one of those books you can return to down the road. The characters are perfectly built. The plot is complex. The start, middle and end all work in Grade A+ reality.

Would I Recommend: Easily. Do you love mysteries? Do you love Serial Killer horror? Do you love great characters and fast action moments? Then this is the book for you.

My Rating: 4 out of 5

Four Final Words: Juicy, Intense Perfection. Brutal.