My Bookreview: Guilty by Laura Elliot


Author: Laura Elliot

My Review and Thoughts:

Usually a book like this takes me 2 days to read. I started this book on Jan. 1st and did not finish it until today the 16th. Why did it take me so long? It's not because its bad, this is a book that causes emotions. Mainly anger. Its a book that I had to put down, because it caused my nerves to sweat. 

Amazingly written. Filled with tension and bitter mystery.

Laura Elliot created a dynamic mix of drama and the unknown that it utterly bled off the pages into your mind and caused so many mixed emotions that you could not help but breath heavy. In my case I had to put the book down and rest from it, because this author has so brilliantly crafted an intense ordeal that you feel wasted. What happens to Karl, your main character is gut wrenching and brutal. We all hear about fake news and how the media lie and twist things to fit there gossip rags, well the people, the media inside this story is god awful. The inhumanity to man is all over this book as the story unfolds.

The plot is a young girl goes missing. Speculation and false leads, lead to tarnish one mans life. The mystery unfolds and the act of revenge afterword's takes place in vivid detail. From false statements to media destruction create a flawless tale of pure reading bliss. 

The characters and situations are so well written, I wanted to utterly strangle certain characters. I haven't felt such bitterness toward characters in a long time. Laura Elliot creates characters, to truly hate, or feel such anger toward them, that it plays with your nerves.

I was drained after each chapter. I was frustrated and bitter and most of all wanted more, I could not wait to see what happens next but also needed breathing moments to release tension that built up because of the asinine reality displayed in this plot. The sad thing is, this happens. It's real. The media can destroy with the flick of a pen and this book showcases that brutality. The Pen is Mightier than the Sword. 

Would I Return to it Again: Hell no! and I mean that in a good way. This book destroyed me emotionally. I would return to this writer in a heartbeat. What she was able to weave into the pores of my nerves caused me to love her style.

Would I Recommend: Hell yes! I mean that with 100 percent clarity. A brutal fake lies reality that can alter, destroy, and most of all showcase how mean and evil and horrible people can be when lies take over as truth.

My Rating: 5 out of 5

Four Final Words: Brutal Intensity. Brilliantly crafted.