My Book Review: Petals of the Moon by C Churchhill

Book: Petals of the Moon

Author: C Churchhill

Pages: 125 pages

My Review and Thoughts:

This is a vast layered labyrinth of ideas and thoughts. She gives you her heart. She allows you to taste her darkness displayed on page. In a reality she makes the moon become a beating vein. She gives a voice to the moon above.

She knows what she wanted to say with her pacific wordplay of a down to earth relatable nature. She slowly takes you on a spiraling journey of an in-depth tangled thought and ideas about emotions, feelings and personal struggles.

She approaches a depressive darkness that becomes in a sense a breath. Her inner reality gives the reader her underlining pain. She basically walks you through her sense of well-being.

Simplistic wordplay at times yet mingled with an inner voice of clarity.

If I had to pick one piece from this array of poetry, it would be the piece Hollow Girth. This piece is perfect. It flows with a smooth radiant reality that lingers deeper in your thoughts. A perfect piece to remember. 

What I loved about her wordplay the most is it feels to the point, an inner point, it does not feel rushed, it smoothly flows at times making the pieces come more to life for the reader.

Would I Recommend: Absolutely. I think theses pieces are an inner part of a soul that needed to speak with a voice. She gave that voice to her soul and expressed it with a magical sense of emotions.

Would I Return to: I have already read many of the pieces over again? I do feel there are many pieces that deserve praise and a return to. Her work gave off a sense of wordplay that mingles with everyday life.

My Rating: 3 out of 5

Favorite Lines:

Page 10

Midnight smells of
Sickly smoke
And wilted roses
I have yet to see otherwise


Page 23

My soul can no longer keep
For night is an ocean
And these thoughts
Have no longer the will
To swim


Page 44

I have learned to see in the dark
I have learned to love my sadness


Page 56

Where flesh is ripped by teeth
And we bite for more
Because our pain is never full
Of the constant escape we seek