My Book Review: There is Beauty in the Bleeding by Christina Hart

Book: There is Beauty in the Bleeding

Author: Christina Hart

Pages: 154 pages

My Review and Thoughts:
There is an eye-opening brutality of words that are mixed with a variety of emotions throughout this work.

You get a sense of personal life touches. A desire of haunted realities. There is a mixture of truth that bleeds a simple depressing nature, and yet one that reads the lines cannot help but feel the personal touches of life transcending off the pages.

Hart develops a wanting nature. A word-full monstrosity of a need to express a clarity of inner struggle and outer pain. The poetry is of a darker nature and yet one does not help but understand and say to themselves yes, I get this, I feel this, I understand this.

A mixture of relationship pain. Life desire. Dreams shattered and broken. Concepts not mended by rational tongue. Hart takes a hold of your personal space and literally haunts you with a depressive nature that feels real, acts real, comes off as real, and in reality, or truth, or understanding of the concept of life, is real.

There is a mixture of simplicity at times and yet at other times a deeper picture that captures emotional baggage that all readers of this written word can grasp, hold, feel, be its nature.

Would I Recommend: Yes because we can all at one time relate to these pieces of poetry  of a depressive nature. They feel honest, life like words, transcending off pages of desire and emotion.

Would I Return: I already have on many of the pieces. There is a need to remember certain pieces. Certain pieces dig deep into your heart, mind and soul as honest real realities.

My Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Favorite Lines:


Poetry Titled: And I Will Watch

We were too busy
to find new flames.
We were still
watching everything
burn from our past lives.


Poetry Titled: Who I am

I am playing hide-and-seek
with the person
I used to be and
the person I could be and
I cannot find either of them