My Book Review: sharp stars by Sharon Bryan

sharp stars

Author: Sharon Bryan

Pages: 95 pages

My Review and Thoughts:

A beautiful array of words. She weaves a sense of life inside her word play on page. She dreams in written word. There is deeper mark to her poetry that cuddles with your mind and makes you answer your own questions as you read along.

A wonderful brutal mixture of life and human reality. An honest exploration of deep dark marks of understanding. A vast array of complex imagery surfaced with clarity in thought. There are some of the most memorable moments throughout her word play. An undertaking of honesty and the concept of life made twisted into ideas.

sharp stars is a book that lingers. It’s a book of poetry that digs itself deep into the soul, twisted the ideas of written form. Sharon Bryan is pure genius of words, images, ideas, concepts and most all poetry made real.

Would I Return to it: I have already read it through 3 times? It truly digs itself into the very core of your soul and mind and never lets up. This is one of those poetry gems that I will be returning to often.

Would I Recommend: Absolutely. It's something to experience. It’s something to thoroughly take a hold of and explore the very recesses of imagery displayed by the words written.
My Rating: 5 out of 5

Favorite Lines:

Page 26

in the universe, for all its flash
and glamor... I held a baby
once, in a hospital:

brain-damaged by meningitis
and neglected parents, it cried
mechanically, tinnily,

nothing left but a brainstem,
its flowering gone, and that sound
is the real music of the universe