My Book Review: First Spouse of the United States

First Spouse of the United States

Year of Publication: 2019

Author: J.R. Strayve Jr

Plot: Rocky Chambers is your quintessential high school jock and man on campus. He has a dark secret that will revolutionize his life and the nation’s political landscape. How and why does this Marine fighter pilot, civil rights advocate and captain of industry hide his secret? Violence and death shadow his family as the secret is exposed in the national media. Witness a run for the White House as a vindictive press corps and sinister Washington attempt to devour their own.

My Review and Thoughts:

This is a complex, woven gem of a spiraling story that digs deep into your thoughts as each page turns. I wasn’t expecting much of this book to be honest because this is normally not my type of reading, but I must say I was changed instantly. This book grew on me and created a thought provoking intensity inside my mind as I consumed this book.

This is a wonderful mix of political intrigue. Very entertaining and most of all a well thought out storyline. Plays with your mind and makes you think, specially into today’s political craziness in America. This book builds on the suspense. What makes this a perfect read is that it has the hero’s and the bad guys all coming together to entertain and build a sound, solid reality for the imagination.

Your main character Rocky is written perfection as a character. He truly becomes apart of you and you can’t help but wondering what’s going to happen next with this unique, awesome created character. Rocky will be someone I will remember in my book loving world.

I loved the story. I felt the story. I became apart of the story. I was not at all distracted while reading It. I never felt bored or wanted to rush through it. I in all honesty dug this book and wanted to know detail after detail.

There were times where I had no inkling of the time, because I was so engrossed in the plot. I think this author can without a doubt write a solid mixture of writing that is perfected for the reader.

I felt this book created a believable reality, characters and an unfolding plot. The book was created with a thoughtful clarity of details. The plot maintained itself and was able to hold the reader from the first line until the ending. I enjoyed each character, for they have been fleshed out in vivid detail that the author maintained throughout its unfolding story.

Would I Return to: I will return to this author if they ever write more books? I feel this author has away with words and away with creating those words into a story form that grabs the readers imagination.

Would I Recommend: For those who love military political fiction. Easily one of those books that can be read quickly and be thoroughly entertained by.

My Rating: 4 out of 5

Four Final Words: Intense. Thoughtfully written. Spellbound.