My Book review: In an Instant by Suzanne Redfearn

In an Instant

Author: Suzanne Redfearn

Year of Publication: 2020

Plot: A weekend skiing trip planned for the whole family and friends and loved ones. Everything is planned perfectly. All nine are ready for a weekend of fun in the mountains. After checking into their cabin, they load back up in their RV and head out for supper at a local diner, and then while smiles and laughter it happens IN AN INSTANT, the RV skids and tumbles off the road down a cliff. So begins the struggle of survival in a blizzard. But the struggle of survival is only the beginning, because it’s the aftermath of the wreck and life that this book displays that the story is about. It’s about choices and true characters coming out in all there humanly forms. It’s about the drama of life. It’s about self-discovery, and everything you thought you knew about your loved ones is totally altered.

My Review and Thoughts:

This is truly a fantastic book. An inspiring, touching, and thought-provoking exploration of life after a tragedy. This is a very original tale told differently through the eyes of a dead person. The spirit of the person dead sees the lives of all those affected by the tragedy that happened. She tales the story as life unfolds in all it’s tragic ways and all its meaningful moments of clarity as those persons either put there lives back together or struggle with the aftermath.

This book took a hold of my emotions and brought the appeal of the heart to the forefront of this book. I was emotionally enriched as the story unfolded. My sense became a part of the dramatic overtones displayed. This book was written with a passionate embrace of life, love, struggle, emotional clarity and most of all a sense of life unfolding in a natural setting of despair and pain. The story came together like a life displayed through all its ups and downs.

The way Suzanne Redfearn described the way she wanted to write the narrative, explains the perfection of the story. She wanted in a sense a Fly on the Wall perspective of the aftermath. The narrative is told that way through the dead spirit of one of your main characters. She watches her family and sees all the darkness displayed from the aftermath of the wreck, but she always sees that her family had struggles long before this accident. She can see the baggage and the struggles of everyday life. Her sense of a loving and peaceful reality is altered and changed as she sees beyond that comfort that she has built around herself. Now dead, she sees all the darkness and hidden secrets of life.

Redfearn creates personas in away that truly become in a sense a reality in your very senses and emotions. All the persons written into this story are deep, intense characters that just shine in intensity. That is what makes this story so brutally powerful, it has a beating heart to it. It has the emotional force to allow the reader to feel for each of these persons, or in a sense hate or love them with a human reality. These fictional characters become a clarity of life. The reader can relate in away to each character even with there darkened struggle and emotional bitterness.

In an Instant describes perfectly the plot. For in an Instant life is altered. For in an instant everything you knew and held dear can change in a moment. I think what is so dynamic about this book is that the characters feel real and you sense something about yourself in each one of them, or you know someone like them. The characters are rich, written flawlessly in a real-life texture.

Would I Return to Again: I will most assuredly read more of this author? She made me an Instant fan. She truly knows how to write a thought-provoking story that lingers deep inside you with all it’s emotional clarity.

Would I Recommend: Absolutely. If you love a good story. A good original plot and a dynamic setting of emotions, then this is the book for you. I loved it.

My Rating: 4 out of 5

Four Final Words: Perfectly perfected. Solid storytelling.