My Book Review: Scattered Little Pieces by Wayne Fenlon

Scattered Little Pieces

Author: Wayne Fenlon

Year of Publication: 2020

My Review and Thoughts:

Absolutely fantastic. Simply put, truly magical pieces of scattered word play. Brilliant little pieces that leave a lingering and lasting impression.

I was thoroughly and passionately entertained. Such lasting memorable word play. I love when I come across something unique and original. Wayne has created ideas, scenarios, and thoughts that hammer away at your emotions and senses.

The title describes it perfectly, for they are scattered pieces of life, thoughts, poems and lingering descriptions. Each one holds its own little mastery.

A splendid example of imaginative takes in bit size forms. I read this in one setting and reread many of them over and over.

Some made me think, some made me smile, some made me giggle and all made me wonder.

This a fantastic book to give as a gift to the lover of words. A great gift for those who don't read much in that these are small 100-word realities that can be consumed in less than minutes. As of this writing the Holiday season is coming up and this would make a fantastic stocking stuffer for the book lover in your life.

Wayne is a wonderful guy, support this book, support the imagination and wonder of this gifted man. Wayne has created a wonderful read to explore and re-explore repeatedly. A shining little book of little words expressed thorough big ideas. 

Would I Return to Again: Already have, reading several over and over? There are those you can’t help but want to remember.

Would I Recommend: Absolutely in a heartbeat. I don’t read much flash fiction or 100-word scenarios, but I have to say Wayne bought me on this reality and now I must explore it more. Wayne created a wonderful trip and for that I praise this little collection. When a book can make you bring out emotions whether its laughing, smiling or feeling intense pressure in the heart, then you know your reading something magical and wonderful and for that Wayne rocks. This is his first book publication and I am floored. I would love to read more of his work. He needs to bring out many more books for me to fall in love with. 

My Rating: 4 out of 5

Four Final Words: Thoughtfully Unique. Brilliantly executed.

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