My Book Review: Anger is an Acid by Michael Clark

Anger is an Acid 

Book Three of The Patience of a Dead Man Series

Publication Year: 2020

Plot: Mildred has control... Tim and Holly, realizing they are helpless, are grateful when a stranger knocks on their door - but can he help? Andrew Vaughn, a haunted man, is on-scene, hoping to lend a hand - against his will. Meanwhile, the “ghost story” is becoming national news and attracting attention that Tim can’t afford. 

Holly can’t stay in the house any more and draws a line. Confidence is low, and pressure builds. Meanwhile, Mildred listens to almost everything they say. Is there any way around her anger? Or will they die in vain, as they desperately search for Tim’s daughters? ---Michael Clark

My Review and Thoughts:

I became an instant fan of Michael Clark's after reading Patience of a Deadman. I became his lifelong fan after reading Dead Woman Scorned and now after reading this third book, I will forever be his stalker.

Michael Clark is a pure genius of imaginative storytelling, done in such a way that grabs you and never lets you go, but most of all he gives you an emotional rollercoaster of a spiraling intake of dread, fear and life. That sums up Anger is an Acid.

Michael knows how to bring forth a story that lingers inside your conscience. This third installment of his Dead series is utterly fantastic, just like the first two.

I read this book in one setting, did not stop reading it. From cover to the end it was that good in my opinion, (but my opinion really doesn't count for anything), but me being a die-hard book lover and bookworm and affectionate lover of horror. I say this book is stand out for any lover of horror literature. 

There's an ease while reading Clark's stories and this book is no different. It's a quick read because you don't really want to put it down, you want to know what happens next. I know that sounds cliché, and everything I've mentioned before sounds cliché, but in reality when you hold a good book, and a good book written by somebody that knows what they're doing, then you have those cliché moments, you never want to put it down and that is what this book does. Hell, that is what this whole series does.

Michael in away forces your eyes, your mind, into being controlled with the story. This book yes, begs to be read. The whole series begs to be read.

Anger is an acid bleeds. It moves the senses. It tingles the emotional realities of your inner darkness. It brings forth an imaginative whirlwind of one hell of a ride. This was an amazing journey of horror and written word. All three books are a pure delight of writing.

Anger is an Acid is spot on nightmarishly brilliant. All three books complete a perfected conclusion that this horror fan will always remember.

Would I Return to It Again: Most definitely? Somewhere down the lane of time this series begs to be read again.

Would I Recommend: As you can see in my review, Hell yes, in a heartbeat.

My Rating: 4 out of 5 

Four Final Words:  Solid execution. Brilliant conclusion.