My book review of Monstrum Poetica by Jezzy Wolfe

Monstrum Poetica

Publisher: Raw Dog Screaming Press

My Review and Thoughts:

This book of poetry is truly Eye opening. Not only is the cover art an amazing haunting beauty but the words of poetry is a vibrant darkness upon page after page. Brought longingly out by Raw Dog Screaming Press.

What a pure imaginative exploration of the darker senses of imagination. Beautifully weaved together with tight descriptive word play and equally thrilling imagery through the darkness of the poetical narrative. The descriptive nature of each poem is described in amazing detail. Wolfe takes her poetry serious and that seriousness bleeds off the page into the mind of the reader. I did not want to stop reading this poetry book, and when it came to an end I was thoroughly satisfied, but was also saddened by its end. I loved the imagery displayed in tight weaved words that created different time periods, that seemed so out there, and so unique and so truthful in myth, legend and folklore.

The best way to compliment this poetry book. It's as if you go through a bunch of poetry books, and read them, but you always have this ones style on your mind. That's how, I can best describe Wolfes ability in capturing these darker pieces. She is one of those poets that you will return to and wait for any other publication that they decide to bring out with anticipation. Wolfe is truly a gifted, imaginative creator of situations, ideas, imagery, and most of all, a poetry book of excellence in the darker nature of ideas and realities forbidden and unseen.

This book of poetry builds and builds in small moments, exploding to capture intense moments of imagination and wonder.

This book bleeds folklore induced reality, yet tense, yet edging slowly into an emotional back drop of surprises in historical what if's. There’s a sense of forbidden reality, with all the mixtures of fear and violence and darkness of legends told around a camp fire. The poetry displays a story like telling of characters and situations that flow with gravity of history and legends of the past and present realities of nightmares. A must read book of poetry.

It has a historical folklore belief, hushed around it’s poetry, on page after page, which basically become's mini stories.

Would I Recommend: I think this is one of those poetry books that should be experienced. It’s a moving journey of myths and legends that brings all the emotions of human imagination to the forefront.

Would I return to it: Yes easily? I have already read several of the pieces over again many times. This is a book that demands one to read over and over. It left a truly lasting impression on me because I have always been a fan of folklore, mythology and campfire legends.

Four Final Words: Brilliant, brutal, Raw, Sublime

My Rating: 4 out of 5