My book review Talia by Daniel J. Volpe



Plot: ( Back of Book) In the early 1990s the rising popularity of the video cassette gave birth to a seedy, underground world of illicit pornography. Talia, a Midwest dreamer, leaves home in search of fame under the blinding Broadway lights. But nothing could have prepared her for what she finds instead. Savage violence, bottomless depravity, and no way out.

My Review and Thoughts:

Gross, repulsive and sadistically vibrant in pornographic details of the sick twisted and demented.

Volpe Knows how to push the boundaries. Hell Volpe massacres the boundaries, there are no boundaries in a Volpe book. The violence and sex and darkness are twisted little games in a Volpe book and Talia is no different. This is image overload for the fan of gross out horror to it's extreme. This little book takes a hammer to your eyes and smashes it over and over bleeding the senses raw. 

Talia is a book that crawls under your skin and radiates its disturbing nature. For you cannot unread what you have read. The images displayed haunt your memories.

This is clearly not a book for everyone. This is geared toward a certain audience, mainly extreme horror splatter punk lovers. If you fall in that category then look no further than this twisted, violent, gory, gross, naughty intense blood fest of the depravity. This is a book that opens the recesses of imaginative hell through the means of pain and blood shed. 

This is Gore sport at its finest.

The idea of a snuff film brings about the imaginative and what true horror can be in front of the lens of the camera. This book not only sadistically entertains, it makes you think of all the possibilities that this reality could happen or has happened in all it's twisted glory. 

Talia is a forceful book of pain and suffering written in away that makes you believe it, or at least sees the extreme horror taking place.

Volpe has created another gory masterpiece.

Would I Return to It Again: Absolutely there is nothing like a Volpe book.

Would I Recommend: Only to the lovers of extreme horror, and horror porn.

My Rating: 4 out of 5

Four Final Words: Passionately brutal. Sadistically entertaining.