The Secret of Crying Minds by A.L. Berggren

The Secret of the Crying Minds

Author: A.L. Berggren

Plot: (This is the Book Description Written on the author's website) After a rough start in life, Roze is growing up in London unable to understand why she has such extreme EQ and mind-reading abilities. With all eyes watching her and desperate to fit in, she keeps her unique skills to herself until one day, at the age of almost 14, a local girl is abducted. Roze has no other choice than to speak up. She knows who is involved and must try to rescue the girl - but what if it is already too late?

Hydra, a gaming addicted, psychopath, obsessed with finding ways to control and brainwash women, was brought up in an abusive home hidden behind wealth and the most exceptional education. His monstrous and well-calculated activities mean that his wickedly creative plans are running smoothly - until the unimaginable happens.

The Secret Service Research Unit (SSRU) within MI5 is ecstatic when the greatest asset in modern history unexpectedly reveals itself to their service. Still, everything is not as straight forward as it seems... 

My Review and Thoughts:

For starters I have to say this is one thrilling imaginative psychological trip into a wonderment of reading. Berggren knows how to create characters and bring for an amazing array of in-depth storytelling that grabs you and shacks you almost to death. I was personally thrilled by this book. I felt it, became apart of it and most all the characters where so rich in detail and actions that it's like your next to them or at least your inside there mind and everything taking place is taking place alongside you.

I have to say the character of Roze your main hero is one of the coolest new personas. I have to say she is perfect and complex and just plain awesome. I can use the word awesome because it's my review. Roze is awesome. Written so detailed and brilliant that you the reader can see, feel, and understand the character. Now second I have to say the villain Hydra is, well, hands down twisted and spot on Golden Ticket worthy perfection. One of the baddest, baddies on page.

This is book with a mixture of genres. It's like scrambled eggs all into one plot, Psychological Thriller, Sci-fi. Crime Drama, Coming of age plot, and so much more that it blends together and bleeds a thought provoking read.

Now this is book one of an ongoing series. I have to say book 1 was truly something to praise and remember and recommend to the reading world. If there is one thing to say A.L. Berggren knows how to write a compelling book that leaves the reader satisfied and most of all with a giddy little smirk of perfection as you turn the last page.

I have to put a warning on this book. It has some really deep and disturbing moments, that truly get under your skin. The violence written about and detail is very vivid yet that is also what makes this book spot on perfect, because the author showcases the violence and gives it, it's own voice, so that the story comes together and unfolds in all it's wonderful complex ways. I think the book is a solid read and showcases all the amazing realities of writing a good book. A book that stands out and a book that lets the reader become that complexity.

A.L. Berggren is a gifted teller of tales. I felt a story being told around a camp fire building to a climax like a cinematic feature film in all it's glory. A book so vividly written its like watching an award worthy piece of cinema.

Would I Return to It Again: I most assuredly will return to this ongoing series. In the future I will read the entire series because it truly draws you in and pulls you wanting to turn each page to find out what is going to happen next. 

Would I Recommend: With out a doubt. This is a book that demands to be read and experienced. Readers of crime psychological thrillers and a twist of science fiction will truly become one with this book. Highly recommended.

My Rating: 4 out of 5

Four Final Words: Intense Complexity. Uncompromising. Explosive.


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