My Book Review: Lunacy by Chris Coppel


Author: Chris Coppel

Plot: Product Description: ‘Suddenly, a yellowish light became visible behind a small open hatch in the centre of what she knew to be the building's boiler. As she looked towards the iron beast with its one flickering yellow eye, the air around the opening ignited, sending flames reaching towards the dark liquid that covered the floor. The room exploded with fire and black smoke. As the flames reached her, Cassandra's last thought, rather than fear, was that she was finally being set free.’ Mike and Lisa assumed that buying a new-build house meant that nobody else had ever lived there before them.  They were wrong. Dead wrong.

My Review and Thoughts: 

Another tight solid horror mystery filled suspense tale. Weaved through actions and intense moments that grab you, place you there and in away smacks the crap out of you with written perfection. 

This is a new voice of a haunted tale. A priceless brilliance in intensity and clarification of the word haunting. A hair raising spiraling nerve inducing plot that never lets up.

Brutal darkened atmosphere. A rich tale of characters and actions and most of all the spooky stuff you need to haunt your nightmares. 

Coppel is a wonderful imaginative storyteller that truly weaves nightmares into reality and displays a playful brilliance with words that stick deep into your mind as you read. A wonderful written horror suspense tale that I felt lingered with me even after the story was told. I felt like I was drained and that's the beauty of great storytelling, and Coppel is that reality.

Truly a gifted writer. Truly a gifted haunting book. A solid experience that I enjoyed so much. I love when you read a book and that book becomes apart of you, no matter if it's in nightmare form or dramatic prose. Lunacy is a book that needs to be read and experienced and most of all enjoyed.

Loved the atmosphere of the story. Great characters and deep intense unfolding moments that bring each page to life.

Would I Return to it Again: I have become an instant fan of Coppel. A great gifted storyteller that demands to be read.

Would I Recommend: Absolutely. Lovers of Horror and suspense will find themselves engaged into a wonderfully intense story that satisfies to the very end.

My Rating: 4 out of 5

Four Final Words: Slick, unique prose. Haunting.