My Book Review: Black Cabin by Wayne Fenlon

The Black Cabin

Author: Wayne Fenlon

Plot: Product Experience: There are people out there trying to do the right thing. It might not be the right thing, but they are trying. Trying to rebuild. Trying to rekindle what was lost. Refusing to let go, hopefully rediscover themselves along the way. “Tell me a story,” she’d say, “A new one” and he’d reply “We’re already in it."

My Review and Thoughts:

I was super excited about this release. Super excited to be able to read it. I love Wayne's imagination. I loved his first outing in publishing Scattered Little Pieces. 

I have to say with all honesty this is a must own, must experience debut book. A perfection. A glorious imaginative tale of stark storytelling. A powerhouse piece both passionate and sublime. Equally parts dramatic and equally parts a perfection of written word. 

This is a wonderful book with a true visionary talent behind it. I felt like I was honored and embraced by this book. It was an honor just reading it. Wayne creates a whole new outlet of imagination. Wayne crafted an excellence that writers should look to, to write in a perfected way. 

A wonderful example of a heavy storytelling that lingers in your soul. It’s like a modern day classic that should be read by any booklover. 

This book is alive in ways that few books ever dared to be.

Black Cabin is a top notch experience that I highly praise and highly recommend. Black Cabin was a journey. It was a deep, dark, dramatic journey that one will not forget and it is something that not only lingers with you long after the last page, it's something that makes you think and most of all, pause and realize just how amazing this book is.

Would I Return to It Again: With out a doubt. The storytelling alone is something that makes you pause and reread what has been written. A lovely intense experience.

Would I Recommend: Absolutely. Everyone should read this in my viewpoint. Really, really loved this imaginative dramatic story, so perfect in so many ways.

My Rating: 5 out of 5

Four Final Words: Intense written beauty. Flooring.