My Book Review: Bleak Houses by Kate Maruyama


The Selected Papers for the Study of Anomalous Phenomen

Author: Kate Maruyama.

Plot: (Book Description) These compelling explorations of dark family secrets fearlessly delve into some of today’s most relevant and troubling issues. In Safer, Maruyama explores what parents will do for a child, and what happens to outsiders in unsafe houses, while Family Solstice addresses the dangers of tradition, inheritance and the sins of the father.

My Review and Thoughts: 

This consist of 2 stories: SAFER and FAMILY SOLSTICE. 

This book is hauntingly intense, nightmarishly perfect. You ever start into one of those books that linger on your mind and seem to cause many mixed emotions within you? Look no further. Have you read a book that builds on the likeness of reality as if the pages doesn't exist and the story doesn't exist because it feels so real, so hauntingly real. Bleak Houses is that book.

Bleak Houses is a surreal, and stunning piece of written imagination. Written flawless. I can not say enough on how this book comes together in a clarity of emotions and action that becomes a whole part of the person experiencing it. The word play and prose was extraordinarily vivid, vibrant, dark and downright imaginative. This book knew what it wanted to do and it owned and created a piece of storytelling that becomes a real inner part of the reader.

Kate Maruyama is a shining brilliant and extraordinary gifted storyteller. I feel she has the talent and nature of a classic writer of imagination given to us in modern days. I see a bright future for her. Her talent at words and emotions play with the reader. She creates a perfect reality and thought provoking personas and situations in Bleak Houses. Her craft of executing an imaginative plot that is Bleak Houses is something to praise.

This is simply put a wonderful read, complex and dark and very intense at times. I really enjoyed this 2 story collection. Such an imaginative experience. Wonderfully plays with the mind and gives you an outlet of exploration in all the realms of good storytelling.

Would I Recommend: Absolutely. A wonderful 2 story intensity that lingers and plays with your spine and your mind.

Would I Return to it Again: I would read anything by Kate Maruyama.

Four Final Words: Collective imaginative storytelling. Inventiveness.

My Rating: 4 out of 5