My Book Review: On The Subject of Blackberries by Stephanie Wytovich

On The Subject of Blackberries

Author: Stephanie M. Wytovich

My Review and Thoughts:

On the Subject of Blackberries by Stephanie is a truly memorable collection of poetry. This is a book that has so many dynamic realities to it, it's something that grows under your skin as you read along and your mind opens to the imaginative word play.

Something that poetry, well good poetry is, is word play. It's words that define the subject through the imagery that the reader becomes a part of and that's what this collection of creativity does.

It is something that lingers with you. I found myself reading complex and very descriptive words. There is a personality to the poetry that flows throughout this book. I love when a book of poetry gives off vibes that is reality-based and complex at the same time. 

This is a very enjoyable collection. I flowed through it quite quickly and then re-read many of the pieces that stuck out to me. I think Stephanie has a gifted imagination, a gifted reality of creating spot-on poetry that the reader can grasp and think about in emotional ways.

In a sense this is another wonderful example of word play coming off the pages into the mind of artistic endeavors.

Stephanie is magical. Stephanie is brilliant in creating flawless, personal, intense, emotional beauty through her poetry.

I loved this collection of poetry from beginning to end. There was no bad reality in it. I think this is a flawless collection of something the reader can become a part of, remember it, think about it, linger on it and most of all share it and spread it with other people. 

Something good poetry is, is to always remember and I think this collection is that style of poetry.  Poetry to remember and to spread to others the beauty of its reality.

RDS Press released another wonderful example of creativity and artistic power.

Would I Recommended: Absolutely. All lovers of poetry should experience this glowing example of word play.

Would I Return to it Again: Already have. Love how it grabs you and pulls you back in to its pages

My Rating: 5 out of 5

Four Final Words: Beautifully written, Passionately complex.