My Book Review: Dear Laura by Gemma Amor

Dear Laura

Author: Gemma Amor

My Review and Thoughts:

Dear Laura is a haunting, disturbing trip into a complex storyline that lingers deep in your mind and alters the concept of mystery. This book is something that stands out. I know that sounds cliché, but it’s truly a story that not only grabs you deep in the emotional reality, but also in the nightmarish attitude of life.

A deep mystery weaving one plot twist after another. What is the outcome? What is the mystery? What happened to Bobby? What does Laura endure to finish the vast array of her unanswered questions that cloud her thoughts? Those thoughts cloud your thoughts as the plot thickly unfolds into a spiraling monstrosity of written perfection.

I felt Laura. I knew Laura. I became Laura. I became the situation. I became the haunting letters. I became the ultimate mystery page after page of thick plot. What is happening? What is going to happen? I could not help but want to race through this story just to see the outcome.

I read this in one sitting. I reread many of the chapters. As I turned the last page I was floored and shocked at how brilliant this was.

Would I Return: This is the first time I have read Gemma Amor and I am an instant fan for life. I will return to this book many times, I know I will. I can't wait to read more by this amazing female writer.

Would I Recommend: Absolutely in a heart beat. A true gifted novella that stands the test of time and will be remembered by me throughout the rest of my years. Loved it, and I feel you will love it to.

Four Final Words: Dark, Twisted, Intense bewitching.

My Rating: 5 out of 5