Book Blog Entry 2: Why I am often turned off by the reading community?

Why I am often turned off by the reading community?

This is going to sound like a self pity, rant or boo whoo blog post, but it's one I think needs to be said. I am one of the biggest diehard book lovers you will ever find or come across and yet no matter what I do, Twitter, reviews or praise for authors and books no one seems to care. 

I can't even get people to follow me on Twitter even though I follow others and praise the book world.

Something I feel dear to is the horror book community and or indie community and yet it's like no one wants to become my friend or at least join me on this crazy social media world. I even run a website dedicated to books and writing. I am not asking for much other than to become friends with other writers or publishers or book lovers and book worms. 

All I am seeking is a relationship of book wonder amongst each other. The other day I asked the book community for help in finding a Fantasy book, a stand alone fantasy and not one person responded to me.

I know I was never the in-crowd in school, I was the bullies punching bag and now it seems like I am the punching bag of the book community. It's like I am shunned for some reason and I don't understand. My website is even open for free reviews from any writer, publisher looking for an honest down to earth review. I review on Amazon, Goodreads and my Website, also including post on Twitter to spread the word and praise for the author. I give it all to this love of reading and books and it seems I am lost in the mix of nothingness. So yeah I guess this is just a ranting self pity boo whoo blog post. But all I wish for is to have book friends and book worms to talk to and to praise. Is it so hard for this growing book community to care. 

I really don't know what I am saying other than reading community step out and join each other and become reading friends. I live in an area and with people that have nothing to do with books so it's like I am lost among living. No one gets me, that is why I joined Twitter and created my website to explore and find new book worms and friends that enjoy books as much as I do. That's all I am asking.

Singing off from this random rant. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and week full of book reading.