Courting Fate: Book 1 of The Courtship Saga by A. R. Kaufer

Courting Fate

AuthorA. R. Kaufer

Plot: (Book Description) When she’s not working at the bank or playing video games with her best friend, Ana’s nose is in a book. She is comfortable with her simple life until one night, on her way home from work, she is mugged and left for dead. Fate or luck, army medic Rafe was passing by and saves her life.

Grateful as she is, she can't shake the feeling she knows him from somewhere. Their lives become intertwined as she learns more about him and more about herself.

Is she ready to face the truth? Will it answer her questions or break her in the process? Ana must find her strength and become who she was born to be, before it’s too late.

My Review and Thoughts:

I love a book that brings forth a spiraling intensity of drama and emotional realties that play with your senses. And that is what this book does. Its a complex story that bleeds off the page into the recesses of the readers emotional makeup. I felt this book draws you in and mingles with your personal self. This is part fantasy, romance and emotional drama all tied into one little tight book that lingers long after the last page. I think the characters are solid, well written, well developed and most of all there is a sense of reality to each of them.

I think the character of Rafe is so well written and fleshed out that the reader can't help swoon or want to know this person. 

I really liked all the twists and turns and spiraling plot. There's action and drama and just about everything a story could bring forth for the enjoyment of the reader. There are complex moments that can be tough to deal with but that's also it's beauty and brutality in making you feel emotional and drawn to the storyline. 

What I think is great about this book is that its called a somewhat romance book, but in reality even if you don't like or read romance, this book will still appeal to you. The author brings forth many styles in this story to make the reader follow along and enjoy themselves with out any boredom of over done mushy realities that might turn some off. I'll be honest I am not a huge romance reader, that doesn't mean I wont read them because I have read many, but this book gives a little of everything to make the reader satisfied in that it is not in one particular genera.

A. R. Kaufer has a unique style of writing and imagination that draws the readers toward what she was wanting to say and she captures a tale that can be considered as old as time and yet as unique and personal as a modern tale of good and bad. There is a struggle in the plot and that plot brings forth the reader into a dynamic mixture of fantasy. Lovers of fantasy, lovers of romance, lovers of drama, lovers of imagination, lovers of emotions can look no further than this book. For it brings forth a world of modern day realities and a web of imagination and beyond.

Would I Return to It Again: I absolutely would return to the next chapter, for this is a part 1 and in the future I will read the other instalment. 

Would I Recommend: As I have said in the review, yes for any lover of fantasy and romance and drama. But most of all for those who love great characters. I really loved the characters throughout this book.

My Rating: 4 out of 5

Four Final Words: Solid, complex imaginative wonders.