My Book Review: The Patient's Secret by Loreth Anne White

The Patient's Secret

Author: Loreth Anne White

Plot: (Book Description) When the battered body of a female jogger is found beneath the cliffs of an idyllic coastal community, these perfect neighbors suddenly don’t seem so perfect. Lily Bradley is a respected psychotherapist married to a distinguished professor. They live in a dream house with their two children in close-knit Story Cove. Lily lives a well-ordered life. Or so it seems. As a therapist, she knows everyone keeps things hidden. Even her.

Then sensual and free-spirited Arwen Harper rolls into town in her hand-painted VW van, her sixteen-year-old son riding shotgun. Overnight, Story Cove’s secrets are no longer safe. Because Arwen might know her new neighbors better than they know themselves.

My Review and Thoughts:

I am never disappointed when I pick up a Loreth Anne White novel. Her mystery suspense novels are amazing trips into twisted wonders. I love how she brings forth a thick whodunnit. A thick story that wraps around your brain and never lets go until the last page of twists and turns. This was an amazing book of pure intense mystery and one hell of a punch of a conclusion. A deep truth of secrets and lies. A past of haunting nature spiraling to a deep reveal.

Many of the writers of today have nothing on the brilliance and beauty and intensity that White has. She knows how to spin a good yarn and thoroughly knit the reader into a complex undertaking. 

Each chapter brings you one step closer to the truth, one step closer to the satisfaction of conclusion. This book is mysterious and intense and knocked it out of the park.

If you love mystery and suspense then look no further than Loreth Anne White.

The Patient's Secret by Loreth Anne White was so good. Not just good, but super good. So wonderfully mysterious. White is such a gifted writer with bringing the suspense and the unknown to the forefront of the readers thoughts. Each page I turned I could not wait to see where it led.

I think the greatest accomplishment I can give to Mrs. White is that if Agatha Christie was alive today, Loreth would be knocking her out of the limelight and becoming top of the mystery game.

The Patient's Secret is a deep, twisted, complex narrative of past actions and darkened memories hidden behind a mask. A mask that when removed sends all the blocks of clarity into a puddle of truths and lies. 

Would I Return to it Again: I loved the characters. I loved the back story. I loved the present leading to the outcome of explosions of truth and lies. I would love and would find it an honor to return to this amazing read.

Would I Recommend: Does a baby crap in a diaper. You bet. I would recommend this book screaming to the world its awesome mysterious nature.

My Rating: 5 out of 5

Four Final Words: Creative complexity. Darkness Unwound.