My Book Review: Celeste and The Witch Garden by Jude Gwynaire

Celeste and The Witch Garden 

Author: Jude Gwynaire 

Plot: Product Description: The Witch Garden is more than just your average, typical back garden – it’s more like a large and diverse, self-contained magical ecosystem, with fields, forests, rivers, villages and towns – even a castle – spread over its lush and green lands. Harper, the clumsy talking owl, lives there, as do Alditha the white witch, the Green Man, and Skoros – the less than pleasant, megalomanic steampunk wizard.

My Review and Thoughts:

Wow what a trip of pure imagination. 

Talk about a wild over the top beauty in storytelling. 

This is a mixture of many realities of reading. Fanciful exploration of fantasy and dreams weaved one written line after another. This book stands out in so many ways. The pure imagination of fantasy becomes a true landmark as you read along to find out what happens next. Now the brilliance of this tale is the unique one of kind characters written out in such believable ways that it's like exploring a land of make believe inside your own thoughts as they become reality in your mind.

The best way to describe this book is if Terry Pratchett and Willy Wonka had a love child, than Celeste and The Witch Garden would be that miraculous birth.

I felt like a giddy little kid skipping along the yellow brick road of unfathomable wonders. The book is so unique and different that you can't help but praise it's originality and creation of a world that becomes a beating heart of the reader turning the pages. 

Jude Gwynaire is one hell of a storyteller. He created something magical to behold. It's like as a kid opening Peter Pan or The Wizard of Oz and exploring for the first time a realm that modern eyes and modern thoughts can't comprehend and yet the written words on the pages opens your mind and eyes to a whole new concept of reality. 

Celeste and The Witch Garden is pure fun. Comical and wild and weird all rolled up into a ball filled with childlike wonder and fantasy laced exploration. New worlds, new ideas, new personas. 

Would I Return to It Again: This is such a trippy story that you can't help explore it again.

Would I Recommend: Any lover of fantasy. Any person with an inner child reality that likes new and unique wonders created masterfully through written word.

My Rating: 4 out of 5

Four Final Words: Alive, Rich imagination. Brilliant.