My Book Review: The Horrors of War by Tim Curran

Horror of Wars

Author: Tim Curran

Plot: Product Description: There are no winners and no losers, only survival and lost souls amongst the crow-picked bones and corpse-fields. These are the Horrors of War and each has a gruesome story to tell. 

My Review and Thoughts:  

Absolutely dark, twisted and intense brutality. The title describes it to a perfect reality. This is no Twilight Zone or Outer Limits this is in your face truth through imagination and the power of written word. An intense storytelling that truly sheds all it's blood off the pages into the mind and the eyes of the reader. So dark and twisted and yet passionate storytelling. 

Blood. Gore. War. Pain and suffering all woven around a bombastic rape of the senses. Truly stories that weave themselves into your conscience and never lets go. It's a virtual mind rape of horror and that is the beauty and brilliance of Tim Curran's storytelling. 

I have to be honest this is my first time reading anything by Tim Curran and now I am an instant fan of his brutality and depictions of imagination.

This book with haunt your nightmares and your waking dreams. Curran is one who never holds back and displays a monstrosity of brilliance in his vivid depiction of words. Horrors of War is a wonderful array of dark twisted horror stories that you the reader will be terrified and haunted by and that right there is the beauty of Curran's writing. One hell of an awesome book. One hell of a writer. 

This was brought out by Weird House Press. A wonderful fantastic company that shines in so many ways. I highly recommend you support this company for they bring out books like Horrors of War and that right there should be your buying point.

Would I Return to it Again: Wow, would I ever. These stories haunt me and I love that haunting reality.

Would I Recommend: Oh yes without a doubt. But be warned theses stories are brutal and intense with vivid visceral explosions.

My Rating: 5 out of 5

Four Final Words: Explorative brutality. Intense Possession.