My Book Review: My Lady of Plagues by Elana Gomel

My Lady of Plagues

Author: Elana Gomel

Plot: Product Description: A haunting collection of dark fairy tales, “My Lady of Plagues and Other Gothic Fairy Tales” contains stories set in monster-infested woods and in elf-plowed lava fields; in modern-day Jerusalem and in medieval Venice; among deadly flowers and inside the body of a giant

My Review and Thoughts:

This is a wonderful storytelling adventure, a thrilling book that stands out. Fantastic and stunning imagination. 

Elana Gomel created a beautiful, graceful experience of fantasy and her writing has an expertise that shines in the artform of written word. These tales are magical, vivid and utterly brilliant. Truly a dark, twisted exploration of pure haunting imagination. 

This was brought out by the Publishing Company Weird House Press. Weird House Press gives stunning examples of creating amazing product of a high standard toward the art form of written word. I consider books a way of life. I consider books an art form of imagination, and the exploration of life in general, no matter the subject. When I see a company treat books and authors the way they should be treated, it makes me giddy, happy, and worthy to praise them for what they do for the world of books, and Weird House Press gives that reality of respecting written word. Something amazing about Weird House Press is they specialize in horror, dark fantasy, and poetry three of my favorite subjects.

A brilliant array of tales to experience in all there wonderfully dark gothic nature. I was super excited reading this book and experiencing a wonderful trip into so many magical and dark stories. The whole book is a perfect journey of imagination so deep, dark and brilliant that you the reader can't help but be amazed at the quality of the storytelling. Keep an eye out for the many wonderful characters throughout these stories, for each one has a purpose inside your mind. They linger with you and that is the beauty of the solid writing throughout this journey. 

This is a wonderful thick, rich imaginative and thrilling book that stands out and begs to be read.  Flawless example of how to treat stories and express the deep, dark recesses of the imginative mind on page. 

Another highly recommended book. This is a highly intense stunning example of what storytelling is about. It honors and gives the written world amazing examples of just how to write perfected characters, worlds and happenings. Again, highly recommended.

Would I Return to it Again: Absolutely. Gomel is a goddess of written word, and her words demand to be read.

Would I Recommend: With out a doubt to any lover of fairy tales, fantasy, thrilling storytelling. This is one vibrant book of perfection.

My Rating: 5 out of 5

Four Final Words: Truly Alive, Intense. Conspicuous.